A day at the sea

Today turned out to be absolutely gorgeous! After such a harsh winter it is amazing how some sun and decent temperatures can completely change my mood and way of thinking. I have been down lately wondering how I could take another winter here....missing places I have lived before with sun and warmth....but today, my heart soared and I realized once again I need to open my eyes and really see...and when I do, what I see is SPECTACULAR!

We spent most of the day out playing. A and I headed to front beach around low tide and had a great time playing and exploring.
 A slashed in the shallows, came out soaked, but she had so much fun. Look at that face!

 A pointed out erosion in action. It was pretty cool to and we spent a while watching the water move the small grains of sand back to the sea.
 Since the tide was low, rocks covered in algae were exposed. A was fascinated by the feel.

 We watched the Bald Eagles soar. It was majestic.

 I tried to take some cute pics of A, but man she hates smiling for the camera.

 I told her to look right into the camera....this is what I got! LOL. Love this silly girl.
 After playing a while, pretending to be injured baby foxes, and hunting for treasures, we headed home. I cleaned a bit while A read, and then we were ready when DH came home to head back out. This time to Morris Cove. We were hoping to see the wild horses, but no such luck. That's okay though because we still had an amazing night.

We had a quick bite to eat in the tundra...
 ...then headed out to the beach.
 Bella is feeling all better and loved taking a swim in the ice cold water.

 I love the awesome shapes and lines found in nature. Look at this beautiful piece of driftwoon that washed up this winter.

 A even took my pic.
 ...and I took Dad's
 ...and then he took ours :) LOL

 We found lots of logs to balance on.

 We played explore for awhile. A was "explorer 1." I was "explorer 2" and DH was "explorer 3" 
 We left the cove and saw a ptarmigan on the way to our next stop.
 We stopped and played at a little creek on our way back to town. This was an awesome spot and I am hoping for a great day tomorrow and maybe a picnic at this very spot.

Bella crashed and A was still up at 12:30 tonight. Someone explain that to me? LOL

Now I am off to bed. Goodnight!