Saturday fun...OWL PELLETS??? LOL

What does my child beg to do on a Saturday? Dissect owl pellets of course! LOL. I ordered these a week ago and kept asking DH to bring rubber gloves home from work, but he kept forgetting. He finally brought them home Friday and all day Saturday Kookie followed me around the house begging for the owl pellets. I used it as a bribe to get her to hurry up and help me pick up the house and then I got them out. She spent the next several house busy at work dissecting 2 pellets and identifying the bones contained.

Both pellets contained 2 complete Vole skeletons...

So then Kookie spent the next few minutes figuring out how many pellets and owl produces a day, week, and year (the book told us that owl's produce about 2 pellets a day). She then figured out if her owl at 2 voles for each pellet and produced 2 pellets a day, how many voles the owl would eat every day, week, and year. Turns out the vole eats 4 voles a day, 28 voles a week, and 1460 voles a year! That's one hungry owl LOL.
I was pretty impressed with the math she did. She figured out how to do it all my herself. Sometimes she really does blow me away.