First 2 weeks back, a look at what we did.

We've had a fun and busy first two weeks back to school after the New Year. Kookie is really thriving right now, and we seem to be finding our rhythm (except for days like is sick at home and that just throws everything off. I have found that whenever he is home, Kookie's attention to whatever we are doing is just not there...even when playing a fun game. So frustrating!)

So after having Kookie take the DORA and DOMA the other day, I found that one place we needed to focus on was measurements. I had never thought about introducing these concepts. Guess I need to have a look at some state standards LOL. I will be getting a list of Alaska standards for each grade level and subject this spring when we sign up for IDEA (that's the homeschooling program we will be using in Alaska that will pay for our supplies and curriculum that we chose), so I am sure that will also show me somethings I have left out. Anyway...
We started working with liquid measurements the other week using containers to help visualize the size comparisons. I was surprised I had all the different size containers in my fridge, and was somewhat horrified by how expired some of them were! Oh well, washed those out and now we have them to use without worrying what monster could be growing inside LOL!

We finished up our study of animal groups that we had been working on before the break. Kookie made an awesome poster by using the printables I downloaded from this here. I love this site. Awesome free downloads as well as some pay materials as well.

Later in the week, we pulled out our Montessori land forms and worked with them. She loves these things, and I am actually learning a lot from them as well.

As for writing, I have decided to try something new to help Kookie become more comfortable with sentence structure, spelling, and speed of writing. I have a poster book of animals, and for each animal, on one side their is an amazing pic, and on the other several paragraphs of information. Once a week we are choosing an animal to write a short report on. I asked her to read the article and then pretend I knew nothing about the animal and to right a short paragraph about it. I have to say I am pretty impressed with her first attempt.
After finishing up our study of animal groups, we have moved on to habitats, adaptations, etc. and Kookie finished up her study on desert habitats by creating this drawing (although she added to it tonight but I haven't snapped a new pic of it yet. She does this a lot, I will think she is done and days later more details appear on the picture! LOL)
Notice the bird in the left hand corner...her is a roadrunner who has caught a lizard, and yes..those red drops...that is lizard blood! LOL

Alright, since DH is home sick, I actually have the car this afternoon and we are going on a library run. We have been down to one car for the last week since DH's has blown a head gasket in his or something like that, and every place in town is too busy to fix it at the moment! GAAH. A season is here, and things a busy, grocery stores are empty, and the smell of fish is in the air again so who knows when we will have 2 cars again. I guess I better take advantage of this day while I can! Have a wonderful night everyone!


You've been working hard! Very interesting activities!
You've been working hard! Very interesting activities!