After the blizzard

My last post was a blizzard warning. Well we woke up the Sat morning to snow, and lots of it. 4+ foot drifts surrounded my car . DH had to run to the office for a meeting so he and I got busy shoveling it out. Here's Kookie standing where my car was. LOLAnd Dh's car definitely wasn't going anywhere even if it didn't have a blown head gasket LOL.

We were going to take Kookie and Bella up to the tundra, but all the roads were blocked with snow and had not been cleared. So we headed to the town park since it has a fence around it. However, the fence was useless since it was completely buried under the deep snow.
But at least they both got a chance to play and run around.

It has warmed up and we have had some serious meltage going on. Now the snow is ugly with shades of grey and brown. I am to the point that I wish it would all melt or either let us have another good snow to hide it all and make it pretty again! LOL

Night all


Megan said…
i didn't know dutch harbor got like that!
Amanda said…
It doesn't usually. Apparently this is somewhat unusual. It's melted a lot. You can see bare ground in some others there is 4 ft still LOL.