One of those days

It was one of those days today. I should have known when the morning started out with me being startled awake by the shooting pain of a huge dog paw whacking me smack across my closed eyes. The scratch she left still stings. She decided not to go out when DH got up this morning and really had to go, her solution to waking me up however, left a lot to be desired! Shortly after, I slipped on the ice and landed on my right hand middle finger. I was convinced for the first 20 mins that it was broken. After icing it though, I was able to move it. Now it is just a nasty purple and blue shade. Kookie pushed every button I had, we put school up, I cried on the phone to a friend, and this was all before lunch. Somehow we managed to push a restart button and this afternoon was much better, although we ended the evening with Kookie coming down with a touch of that 12-24 hour stomach bug DH had a few days ago. Medicine and 2 chapter books later she finally fell asleep. On days like this I cling to our motto here that my sweet girl reminded me of today. "Tomorrows another day full of fresh chances." And I know tomorrow will be a better day. A good nights sleep, friends coming over in the afternoon, and our first Daisy meeting with me as the new leader, gives us plenty to look forward to.

In the meantime, I thought I'd share some pictures we took last week after the snow became coated with a layer of ice. Unfortunately this ice is still there, and while we had some slight meltage (yes, probably not a word, but I am going with it tonight), it is now well below freezing and looks to stay that way. Just walking outside is a treacherous adventure....just ask my finger! LOL