My new way of buying groceries

All this came in the mail the other day. I have found a way to save big on our groceries and the cost of food out here! I am hoping to cute our food bill by 25%. We shall see. Amazon has started offering free shipping and subscribe and save to our area again, and this means big savings to our pocket book. Groceries are expensive here! Really expensive. Everything has to be flown in or brought in by boat. Many things are more than double the price in the lower 48. Buying my non-perishable items here should help us save quite a bit of money. This is my first month doing this, and the order I placed from amazon should last for several months!

Here's a sample of the comparison in prices...
-16 oz Safeway brand spaghetti $2.79- Amazon Price $2.03....savings on 10 boxes- $7.65
-Can of corn-Safeway price $1.89 a can- Amazon Price $.90 a can.....savings on 12 cans-$11.80
-Can of green bean-Safeway price $1.89 a can-Amazon Price $.77 a can....savings on 12 cans-$13.47
-Can of mixed veggies-Safeway price $2.12 a can- Amazon Price $.90 a can...savings on 12 cans- $14.56
-Spaghetti sauce- Safeway price $3.99- Amazon Price $1.83....savings on 8 Jars-$17.27
-Brown Rice Blend- Safeway price $12.49 a container- Amazon Price $6.58 a container....savings on 4 containers- $23.66!
-Frosted flakes cereal 23 oz.- Safeway price $6.99- Amazon Price $3.22....savings on 4- $15.05

Total Savings...$103.46!...not including the taxes I would have paid buying here compared to with Amazon!

Impressive huh? I am thrilled with this. I am hopeful that most of my grocery cost at the store here now will be fresh produce, meat, and dairy. This should take a big chunk out of our bill, and it will also help since as of right now I am car-less as DH is using my car to get to work and back until his will be back in commission. I don't really mind with the way the weather has been lately...

On that is 18 degrees outside and blowing sustained about 50 on the hill with gust of 80. The windows are billowing and the house is creaking, and the windchill is between -6 and -10. I just took Bella out and am now trying to warm up. Should be like this at least through Tuesday, so we will be snuggled safe an warm inside for the next few days.

Good night all!