How does your garden grow?

A has a bathroom in her room....well a half bath to be specific. The sink is in her room, and behind a door sits the toilet. She has never liked her bathroom and has rarely used it. And frankly I don't blame her. It's pretty much a closet, and well I am slightly claustrophobic, so I am never a fan of small spaces. For A, it was a vivid imagination coupled with this feeling that caused her to avoid this room like a plague. So finally after living her for a year and a half, I asked her if there was anything that would help her like it better and she had an idea. So....with a little ingenuity, a lot of poster board and markers, and several days of work of Mom's time...we transformed this....To this! A garden, a friendly, beautiful longer boring, scary, or confining.

And now I have one happy child who no longer is afraid to be in her bathroom!