Blizzard Warning Again

Yep, through tomorrow morning. Crazy weather we are having. Last winter we had a few inches max on the ground at any given period and it would melt in just a day or two...this winter, well we have had snow on the ground for 6 weeks now, several blizzard warnings, and lots of cold weather. Weather like this makes me thankful we homeschool. No need to get out in the mess. Stay warm and cozy inside.

Tomorrow Dh is going in to work in the morning and then a trip out of the house and to the library is in order.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I am off to crochet some more dish clothes. We are cutting back on our paper towel use this year and are doing pretty well so far. We used to use at least 2 rolls a week. I have been busy crocheting up a bunch of clothes to use, and so far, we are using about 1 roll every 2 weeks. Definitely a big difference, for both the environment and our pocket book. Night all.