Winter is HERE!

Winter is HERE!...... Well at least the snow is LOL. How very appropriate that in our reading time the A has been reading about snow, because this morning when we woke up....there was snow on the tops of the mountains.....and then the weather started LOL.

What a fun day. Sleet, Snow, and even some Hail mixed in.... Yep....wonderful Unalaska weather :) And the forecast calls for snow for the next 3 days.

Happy almost October LOL

It really started coming down after lunch in squalls accompanied by about 50 mph winds, with some gust strong enough to push me.
Of course A wanted to play in it. Grabbed a handful and decided it would make a good snowball. Don't worry kiddo, you will see lots of snow this winter...I am sure LOL.

Yep, lets put on daddy's boots and run outside in the sleet! LOL

A decided to get her ruler and see how much had fallen and collected by the front door.

The mix of sleet, snow, and hail piled up by our the end of the day it was over 5 inches.....when A measured this afternoon it was about 2 inches.

The snow on the mountains behind the house is absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful sight.....hmmmm wonder if I will still be saying that in May when there is still snow LOL.

The sleet on the ground outside after a big squall moved through

Beautiful Unalaska.
And I had to share pictures of this boat that pulled into port today. It is HUGE! Those small ships next to it are 3 tug boats....pretty big boats at that....and they are dwarfed in comparison. It is a carrier bringing new cars from is just on an overnight fuel new cars on this island LOL. But it was truly an amazing sight that I wanted to share will y'all.

I will try to post pics tomorrow of what we have been up to this week. Tonight the Internet here was SUPER slow. Took 3 hours just to get these few pics uploaded, and I am headed to bed. We have been watching our friends 10 month old this week while his dad ,who is a stay at home dad, is out of town. So we have been off schedule a bit, but dealing LOL.