A good weekend and my new animal friend LOL

It's been a fun, and very busy weekend. My friend's husband left the island for a week long training session, and she was on call Sat night (she's one of the docs at the clinic). So A and I had a sleep over so that if she got called in, in the middle of the night, someone would be there to watch her little one. It was fun. A did a good job of going right to sleep to.

This morning we got up and headed to church, then came home and changed and went out salmon fishing. Saw a couple of silver's jump, but the wind was just so stiff and has been this whole week, that we weren't able to catch any. But that's okay. It was still fun, and even better was that the sun started to break through the clouds on the way home.

After swinging by the house to change we headed over to the huge Community Yard Sale at the PCR. I swear the whole town was there. See, it is so expensive to get stuff here, that everyone just kind of swaps stuff and rotates stuff around. It is awesome. I managed to score some really cute Halloween and Christmas decorations, A set of Lincoln Logs, and a dinosaur for A. She was thrilled.

The we headed across the street to the high school for the long awaited Blueberry Bash. I was planning to enter a blueberry bread pudding, but never had time to do a test run, so decided I would have to save that for next year. A has been talking about this all week. Here she is doing a little happy dance before digging in to all of the yummys!
And eyeing her choices....oh what to try first!

As you can see....she thoroughly enjoyed her selections. LOL

After filling our bellies ( I am still stuffed, although I just had to finish my left over homemade blueberry crisp with vanilla ice cream tonight LOL) We came home and I went down the side of the house to go pick some more blueberries. As you can see they are falling right off the branches now!
While I was berry picking I had quite an unusual surprise. I heard a noise and looked up ( I was in a hollar, picking) and low and behold, this adorable little guy was staring down at me.

A red fox! He was very curious as to what I was doing. I actually didn't have my camera with me, so I just stood and talked to him for awhile. He would tilt his head back and forth as he listened, and then he proceeded to walk over to my bowl of blueberries and try to pick it up LOL. I decided to take the chance and head home and grab the camera. I told him I would be right back and he seemed to understand. I went home and grabbed the camera and hoped he would still be there. Sure enough, he was. And he let me snap a ton of pics and then even followed me as I moved from bush to bush picking.
I love this pic I snapped while he was in mid yawn.... LOL
Playing hide-n-seek with the bowl.
He hung with me for about 45 mins while I picked. He was quite good company actually. The he followed me to the road when I headed home.

We said bye...and went our separate ways LOL.
He was just to adorable for words.


Joyful Learner said…
Your encounter reminds me of the story Blueberries for Sal. Your life is so different from ours. I envy the lifestyle and being so close to nature but i wonder if i would be as resourceful as you. It does seem idyllic!
Amanda said…
Talk to me this winter LOL. It might not be so idyllic LOL