1st week of school

Tuesday was our first day of school....We decided we would call this year 1st grade. A really wanted a specific grade to be in like her friends, and well we are doing 2nd grade reading, 1st grade math, K/1st grade handwriting, and 1st/2nd grade science, so we thought 1st grade fit that the best. Although she really wanted to be in second grade LOL.

She was so ready for school to start, and overall it has been a really good week. She has been asking for her lessons and making sure we somewhat follow a schedule.
Before I post pics of the rest of our first day, I wanted to show what the view from our homeschool window looks like. God's glory in all its fullness!

I didn't take pics of a lot of the day as we were to wrapped up in it. But for Bible study we have been reading the creation story and the story of Adam and Eve. After reading and discussing the story A drew a picture of the Garden of Eden.

The later while I cleaned up from lunch, she sat down and quietly did a color by number alone. Wow, usually she never sits still, but for some reason she was very into this one, and completed it without any help..I even was able to go down stairs and work on laundry for awhile.

Here is a pic of it completed..... I have to say, I am pretty impressed by her coloring skills as of late. It was nothing I ever really paid attention to until on the plane when it was commented on by numerous parents who sat near us that "3 year olds just don't color like that" She never goes out of the lines....ever

And here is a picture of the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve are wearing shoes and hats LOL.

The weather has been great here...so we have been taking advantage of the sunny days, and getting ourselves outside.


Congratulations on starting a new school year in a new place. Alaska is definitely gorgeous, and it's great that you caught the end of summer. I am also amazed with Ainsley's coloring and drawing.
MommyWise said…
Those are exactly the reasons why I am calling this next year 1st!

It must be so wonderful to wake up everyday and see such beauty. To me, nature is always the visual acknowledgment of God.
Joyful Learner said…
Alaska looks amazing! Ansley IS amazing! Her drawing is beautiful!!