Learning the things I was never taught

Since moving to the Alaskan Bush I have been enjoying the slower pace of....especially with my car still being on a boat somewhere and DH having the clinic car with him during the day. And so, I have been learning all the things I was never taught.....cooking completely from scratch, knitting, canning, and even baking my own bread. Let me tell you, that was a challenge. Last week I made a loaf that was very yummy, but definitely not tall enough to replace our daily sandwich bread, so this week....after 3 recipe attempts in one day, I discovered the perfect sandwich bread..... Completely from scratch, no mixer, no bread machine....just good old handmade bread.

This is when I knew I was going to have success! None of the other recipes had risen so much!

And here is the finished product. Two loaves of Oatmeal Honey Bread! YUMMMM!
On Tuesday this week, I went to the local knitting group....and the wonderful ladies there showed me how to cast on and do a knit stitch! I am loving it, and it is not as hard as I had imagined. Next week I will learn more. I have high hopes for this hobby! LOL
I have been putting up blueberry and salmonberries....and have been very satisfied to hear4 the pop as they seal!

This week A and I made sun sun catchers, because it has been really dreary and overcast. They definitely brighten up the house. We shaved crayons and spread the shavings onto wax paper then I used the iron to melt them. A then glued the circles onto the sun cut outs I had made.
And here she is doing science. I love how when she is concentrating, her little tongue comes out just like here dad's LOL.

Tonight we are headed to a dinner party at a friends and I am making my wonderful bread pudding recipe. Can't wait!


Joyful Learner said…
Those are all the things I hope to learn one day! It is so much harder when you have so much "clutter" in your days. Loving your natural living posts!