Our school week so far and more rainbows!

That is a picture of what I woke up to this morning, The light was absolutely illuminating that ship. It is actually a blue barge that the freight containers are carried in on, but it looked surreal this morning. One of my absolutely favorite things about living here is the play of light and shadows the clouds make on the landscape.

......On to our week so far. It has been a good one. Monday was rain and wind all day, so we stayed in, but on Tuesday the sun actually shone for awhile and we took full advantage of it.

I picked up this phonics game at a garage sale a few weeks ago and broke it out this week. She loves it. You draw the first part of the word (a consonant blend) from a pile and try to make a work with the endings on your card. If you can't then you place your blend back in the pile and the next person goes. If you can, you make your word and then the next person goes. The first to fill up there card wins.

On Monday for math, we did dice addition. We are not just working on addition, but also recognizing the number on the dice without counting it. She could do up to 3 before we played this, but now she can recognize them all.
We also talked about how you could rearrange the equation and the answer is still the same...ie 2+4+6 and 4+2+6

On Tuesday we worked on place value, although she got frustrated with me afterwards because we did not do any with the 1000 place. I told her maybe tomorrow. LOL
She practiced reading triple digit numbers, then I would write one and she would demonstrate the number with our place value beads that I made (there's a post about that on here somewhere LOL) The we decided to switch it up a bit. She would close her eyes and I would make a number with our beads (ie. 2 hundred squares, 3 ten bars, and 5 one beads) She would then open her eyes, look at the number I had demonstrated and then tell me the actual number (ie. 235) . She really liked this and had a blast :)

For our bible story this week we are talking about Moses. She is very interested in the plagues and why God turned the Nile river to blood. But today we did this craft of Miriam watching over baby Moses in the reeds.

As I said, when the sun comes out here, you have to jump on it and take advantage...as this is one of the rainiest places in the US....and the weather never stays the same for long....It can rain and sun multiple times during any day, with some fog thrown in there to LOL.

Yes, she is using an ace bandage as a "sling" to carry her baby tiger around. She has been doing this for several days now. She managed to figure out how to tie knots on her own, so now he is tied to her all day long LOL.

It clouded back up and started to drizzle so we headed inside, and I pulled out this book to work on. We had never used it before. She cuts out the 4 sentences, reads them, glues them under the picture they belong to, reads the story and colors it. She LOVED it and said she couldn't believe she got to do 2 crafts today LOL. I guess scissors, glue, and crayons equal craft.

And finally I will leave you with the pics of 2 rainbows we saw today after the drizzle began. Yep, so far that makes 3 rainbows in the last 3 days. Did i mention I love this place LOL.


Joyful Learner said…
I love all the activities! Reminds me to take out some reading games we have and maybe slow things down a bit around here. Funny thing...JC figured out how to make knots by herself and she's been tying things up (sometimes me) too!
Karin said…
The "Read, Think, Cut & Paste" book was a hit with us too!!
Wow, your new place is beautiful. I wonder how it will look like in the winter. Ainsley is doing great in all subjects - she also happens to be a cutie :)