The last day of September- fall beauty

It was the most beautiful fall day today. There was almost no wind and we actually hit 50 degrees today. After all the rain and wind last week, this was a welcome change. A and I slept late as I was recovering from a horrible migraine. We had some fun learning before lunch, then headed to homeschool gym class. Afterwards we definitly had to head out and breath in this day. 
We walked a bit down the hill with this as our view.

 We tried to see if we could find some more blueberries but most of the ones left on the bushes have begun to shrivel. Luckily we worked hard earlier this month and filled the freezer and dehydrator many times over. Realizing we weren't going to be successful in the berry department today, we just explored and played.

 I love the fall colors. So short lived but so vivid!
 The crystal clear stream just begs to be played in, but the water is icy cold.

 Left over power poles from WWII make the perfect balance beams to play on.
 Two neighbors stopped by on a walk and snapped this pic of A and I.
 My beautiful girl.


Megan said…
i remember the fall colors driving from anchorage to wasilla. they were so awesome! and yes! short lived.