A Fall Day in the Tundra

Have you missed me? I haven't been blogging as much because it is that time of year again. You know, the one where I spend ever spare second outside gathering berries and every spare second inside putting those berries away. Today was no exception. After a dreary start, the afternoon cleared up and we headed outside, but this time I brought the camera and the dog :)

The tundra is beautiful right now and I thought it was time to see if I could get some autumn pictures taken.

A has grown up so much in the last year...even in the last few months. She grew another inch this summer and many of her clothes that fit just weeks ago are now too small.

We may not have deciduous trees to change color, but if you look closely you can still see the fiery reds and yellows of fall.

 Even Bella behaved and let me snap her pic....although all she really wanted to do was run down the gorge to the water.

 I think this is one of my favorite pictures of all times.!
 The beautiful reds are the fireweed. Beautiful!
 Bella found herself a place to swim. Remind me never to take her berry picking again. In between swimming sessions, she would run up to me while I picked and bark until I tossed her blueberries. Then she would turn and jump back in the water.
 It's been really wet and mushrooms are popping up all over the tundra.
 ...including gigantic ones like this.
 Oh no! Here comes Bella, on her quest for my precious blueberries.

 More beautiful pics of A.

 And the cranberries are getting close to being ripe. I have lots of plans for those this year.
 There's nothing like springy tundra under your feet.

 A at 6 and 1/2. Looking just so grown up and beautiful.


Mellyanne said…
Beautiful pictures, as always! Thank you for sharing so much of your Alaskan adventures! I don't know that I will ever be able to visit Alaska, but what a beautiful place to dream about!