Crabbing with the family

After a day out on the Bering Sea fishing with us, Dh's parents had the chance to go out with a friend of ours and pull crab pots. We followed along in our boat and took pics.

 They loved getting into the action and experiencing what life is like for us out here.

 Look at their smiles. What an awesome memory they made!

 Crabs! No kings, just tanners, but still super exciting for MeMom and PopPop!
 I love MeMom's face in this pic. Can you tell she was enjoying herself? LOL
PopPop was loving every minute of this adventure!
 MeMom even drove the boat!
 I told them this pic should be their facebook profile picture. Perfection!
When we got home, it was time to clean them...and then eat them of course!

No PopPop, we have to cook them first! 
(I made my awesome smoked salmon crab cakes)
It was so great having them here,