The Cell Cycle

This past week we have been learning about the process of cell division using several different resources. 
We started with a video from Brain Pop, she read a Max Axiom scientific graphic novel on cells, we used several resources from our anatomy cuuriculum, and pulled out a highschool biology textbook we keep on hand. 
Today A put it all together and created a booklet detailing the process. It was raining and blowing all day so A stayed in and she worked several hours on this. She was so proud of herself. She couldn't wait till daddy got home and she could show it to him and explain the process.
The start of her booklet. On the right she created a cell "face". She said that the mitochondria was the mouth, the nucleus- the nose, 2 lysomes for the eyes, the endoplasmic reticulum for the hair, and the golgi apparatus for the mustache. So creative. She also informed dad that the X's were chromosomes, where all the genetic material that make us who we are, is found.
 The accordian fold booklet was too long to get one detailed pic, so I took several of one section at a time, so you can see her work.

 She of course ended the booklet with a zombi. Why? I have no idea besides that she is obssessed with them. LOL. The cell has an X on it and is dead she said, thus the zombi.

Well, there you have it. A's book on the Cell Cycle. And yes, she did show it to dad the minute he walked in the door, explaining each phase as she went. He was quite impressed.