a family visit

 It's been quite on the blog here the last week or so. Pretty much because I have not had a spare moment to sit down and write. Dh's parent's made the long trek to see us this past week. It has been 2 years since we have seen them. A was a small little percousicious 4 year old then. Now she is an amazing, spirited 6 year old. We had a great time visiting and catching up with them and what all is going on with the rest of the family. Of course, one thing we did a whole lot of was fishing.

On there first full day here, the fog had settled in, but the water was calm so we headed down to the doc. We just had to snap this pic of Dh's mom Charlene in front of the Miss Charlene! LOL
 A loved showing them around the boat and showing off all of her fishing knowledge.
They were thrilled to see bald eagles everywhere. They are so common place here, I almost forget the awe people experience on first seeing one.
 MeMom had a lot of fun and out fished all of us! The first fish she pulled up was the small halibut. You can see the excitement on her face!
 And then on to a rockfish, locally known as a black bass.
 Then it was PopPop's turn with this little guy.
 But then MeMom scored again!
 I even got into the action a bit.
 MeMom even managed to catch a lingcod....a small one but still!
 ...and then a kelp greenling! LOL. PopPop looked on with envy.
 Meanwhile, A was busy dissecting a rockfish.
 ...and pointing out the organs to PopPop.
After fishing awhile, we headed around to the other side of the island and were able to view some amazing wildlife. Our visitors were so excited to see fur seals!

 ....and adorable puffins
 ...and porpoises frolicking around the boat.

 It was a great start of their visit!