A busy day- measurement, poetry, and gym

It's been a busy week at our house. Yesterday was A's half birthday and we had some beautiful weather. We spent the day outside and pick 13lbs of blueberries from the tundra! Perfect. (I will post picks of that tomorrow) Today was a different story. It was nasty, blowing, and just all together horrible out there. It was a good day to spend inside. 

A and I have been reading another book of poems from her favorite poet Jack Prelutsky. If you haven't read any of his poems, you really should. They are wonderful. 
Late this afternoon A decided to write her own poems.
I am just in love with them and think she did a wonderful job.
The first one is titled:
The Banana that Wanted His Nana

 She also wrote this quick funny one entitled: Never Bump The Glump
We have been working on anatomy in science and are about to start measurements in math, so we combined to two and explored how ancient people used the body as units of measurements. Then A created this poster.
 She wrote a short paragraph summarizing what she learned.

... and she copied a poem from the childcraft book we were using and added her own illustrations of course.
 we also started homeschool gym classes at the local PCR this week. We had to brave the weather today to get there, but it was worth it. A has so much fun. It is 2 days a week. These pics were from her first day on Monday. They are working on a basketball unit right now.
 ...and of course they warmed up with an army crawl relay. LOL. They all are loving it!
Well I am off to bed. Good Night All!