The Battle of the Red Beans and ...Mating Eagles?!?

Well hello. I hope yall have all had a good week. 
I had several blog posts I wanted to share tonight. One on what we have been doing in school, another 101 Ways to Cook Fish recipe, and finally my red bean and rice recipe (well my mom's in actuality) at the request of a friend. But that was before the incident....

What's that you say? What incident? Well yall know I like to cook, but you probably remember I am pretty accident prone (see nearly cutting my finger off slicing an apple a few months ago.) Well this evening I was cooking a scrumptious pot of red beans and rice. Dh had gone fishing after work and it was just A and I hanging out. A was in my bed room, nose buried in a book, dog beside her and I decided it was time to take the ham bone out and let it cool so I could take the meat off of it and add that back in. I should have known to get the tongs, but no, I just got the spoon with the slots and lifted it out. I was almost there when "SPLASH" it feel back into the pot, sending boiling hot water splashing all over my face, my chest, and my arms. 
The pain was intense. I calmly walked into the bathroom and grabbed a wash cloth and turned on the cold water and held it on my face. When I removed it, I could see wonderful lovely red marks developing on my forehead, along my hair line, and under my right eye and cheek. With my hands trembling I picked up the phone to dial my friend Laura. It took me 3 times, I was shaking so bad, but finally it rang. As calm as I could be (remember kiddo in the next room:) I told her I had spilled pretty hot water on myself and pretty much hurts. "Could you run up here and look at it? My wonderful friend left her family and dinner and ran up the hill bring with her what will from this day forth be known as Magic Cream. It is amazing, My skin is already much less red and the pain is almost gone. EMS crews use it and it can take a burn down to the next degree. She said I had first degree one, maybe one second on my forehead, but that i would be fine. It was scary and I started to shake after the fact.
I am very blessed to have such a good friend who is also my healthcare provider to be able to just pop over and check on me.

So as of right now I am fine. It could have been a lot worse,
We got back into the groove of things and enjoyed our dinner (although I did almost forgot to cook the rice for the red beads AND RICE LOL!

A great dinner eating, with it's own wonderful little story now that I know I am safe.

And at the end- we even got some comic relief!
Cleaning the kitchen table, I looked out and saw these two little lovebirds hanging together.
So sweet, nice little eagle chat....and then......then.......
 BAM! Eagles getting it on right off my window. There was no resistance on the part of the female and the male just went straight to town.
 Just one more shot before it gets quite a little uncomfortable watching the eagles have their way with each other.

And there he goes. The male flew,the female is still sitting their recovering. 
What a way to end the night. 

I just put some more burn cream on my face that Laura brought and took a pain pill which should let me sleep. Looking forward to no pain tomorrow hopefully. 

Night all.


Mellyanne said…
How scary!

I am so glad the burns weren't any worse. :(

We enjoy looking at all the pictures on your blog and seeing what life is like in Alaska!

Thank you for taking the time to share and post so many yummy recipes and beautiful pictures. :)
Amanda said…
Thank you for you kind words. I am healing pretty well today. Not wearing any make up and still putting cream on but no blistering so far.

I am glad you enjoy the pics about life in Alaska and the recipes I post. It makes me happy to know people enjoy what I post. Thank you.