Climbing Trees

Friday afternoon turned out to be a beautiful day....a little chilly, but sunny and calm. It was my last day watching A's friend and I decided to take them to the park. On the way their I picked up another of A's friends and she joined us as we headed to Sitka Spruce Park.

With some of the only trees on this naturally treeless island, it was the perfect place to teach the girls how to climb trees. A has been begging me to do this forever but she was pretty nervous and a little scared at first. I was really proud of her that she tried, and today we went again and she told me "It really feels good to have confidence and be able to do something difficult." Yay! She's overcoming her fears.

Look at the little monkeys! They had so much fun,

I LOVE this picture. This is what memories are made from.

It's great to have friends. It was the perfect afternoon.