Kelp bed fishing

Dh flew out Sunday for a week in Anchorage. He has a couple of conferences and the he is hoping to spend a couple of days fishing afterwards. He was lucky to be able to fly out Sunday. Since he left, the weather has been blowing and storming, and now Pen Air has cancelled all flights due to ash from a volcano that is erupting a few hundred miles from here. We were blessed, however with beautiful weather on Saturday. Dh and Dwayne headed out early to go trolling for salmon, and then swung back by to pick A and I up so we could all go out.

It was the absolute perfect day. Almost no wind, and highs were in the low 40s. With the sun shining, it actually got warm enough to take off my jacket and just hang out with 3 layers on! LOL.

We went out to the kelp bed were you are pretty much assured to catch something. We did of course. Tons of sea bass, some rockfish, and I caught 2 kelp greenlings.

We even saw a pod of whales frolicking.

A got over her fear of losing her pole (after last year when a salmon drug it from her hands) and managed to reel up her very own sea bass.

These are the moments that makes living here worth every minute of cold, wind, and rain.

We made it back in as the wind began to pick up. I got to see my little girl full of life and living her Alaskan dream. 

Practicing her Alaskan skills, she is already better with a knife than I am.

Wonderful moments. As I sit her posting these pics I smile, but in the background the TV drones on and I think of all those families in Oklahoma tonight who will not have anymore moments with there children. Our prayers are with the families and victims of the tornado tonight. I will peek one more time into A's room at her sleeping figure and cry for those lost.

Goodnight all.