A busy day!

Wow! What an amazing, busy day. I am exhausted and I think my daughter is worn out. That's a good thing. Hopefully she will sleep well tonight.

We had a nice morning, accomplished a lot in school, and then after lunch the sun came out and so did we.

We headed to front beach and watched a container ship dock. These ships are massive and in some of those 18 wheeler sized containers are the groceries for our island.
These massive ships are pushed into dock by teeny tiny tug boats. 

The sun was out, warming our faces, and A looked out over the ocean and said...
"The world is far from perfection, but this is all I've ever dreamed of on earth."

Sometimes I am just amazed by the big thoughts swirling around in such a small person.

Next it was on to the park for some more biking riding. 
On her third time out without training wheels, she did amazing.
Such a smile on her face as she rode around the entire bike path TWICE!

After getting quite a workout, we went home and took advantage of the warm weather to finally get our plants going.

Later this evening the clouds started to roll in. Dh had a board meeting, but when he got home, he packed up the fishing gear with A and headed out.
It was the perfect time for her to try out her new waders.

On the 3rd cast out into the Bering Sea, she reeled in a Dolly!

She was so proud. That fish is now in our freezer, ready to feed our family. Way to go A!

And I will leave you tonight with this parting shot.