Homeschooled afternoons and bike riding

It has finally warmed up on the island and we have been having a lot of fun getting out pent up energy out. 
One reason I absolutely love homeschooling is that we can spend our afternoons like this.....

While the other kids were still sitting in a classroom, we were at the beach Tuesday exploring what the storm had washed up.

 Sunny and beautiful, and actually in the 40's? No way! Spring is here!

A explored the tidal pools and found tons of little sea snails or hermit crabs as she calls them, although they would 
be the smallest hermit crabs I have ever seen.

We even found Aleut Hats. I don't know what the actually name for them are, but that is what a friend told her they were called.

Their shells look just like the hats the natives used to wear...

and inside is this little creature... two of which are now living in our house! Why are you not surprised? LOL
You can't learn like this sitting at a desk!

We came home and basked in the beauty of this view. Looking out my kitchen window, is there any doubt that God exists? Stunning.

Today we headed out again right after lunch, this time to the park for A to try her hand at riding her bike sans training wheels. And look at this...she did it!

Determination, concentration, a little bit of fear? 
....look at that face!

We actually had to run back to the house after she did it because Mommy didn't bring the camera. (Is it bad that I really didn't think she would be able to do it?" Luckily the park is close by, and when we pulled up to the house, we picked up A's friend L (also homeschooled) and she went with us. We snapped those bike pics, and then it was one to being monkeys...actually chimpanzees on the playground. They were the chimps and I was Jane Goodall.

Life is good.
good night all.


Tammy said…
Fun post!
And it is indeed wonderful to homeschool, so many things to see and do.
Melissa said…
I don't remember how I stumbled upon your blog, but I've been following it for a while and just love to see your posts.

Thank you for showing us the grandeur of where you live!
Amanda said…
Tammy and Melissa- Thank you both for your wonderful comments. :)