A Tuesday Night Hike

Hi everyone!
It turned out to be a beautiful evening tonight. So after dinner we all headed out for a hike down the hill to play in the tundra and let Bella splash in the mountain stream. Part of it is still covered with about a foot of snow. Crazy when you think it is almost June. I took my camera along to capture the beautiful night. Enjoy :)

There's nothing more fun than jumping into an old bomb crater!

And finally! While it might still look all brown outside, there are subtle signs that spring is coming.

Look at the blueberry bush!
...and flowers ready to spring open!
When we returned home, it was time to play some ball. A is getting pretty good at hitting the ball now. 
It's been hard for her to adjust to going to sleep now. This pic of A and DH playing ball was taken at 8:30pm. It doesn't get dark now till about midnight. Thank goodness for a good set of blackout curtains. Good night all!