First fishing of the season

Last week Dh took Monday and Tuesday off to celebrate his 40th b-day. So we decided to go out fishing for Dollies. We didn't catch any, but we all really enjoyed the first fishing of the season. Soon the salmon will be in and we will go out on the boat and net the reds as they come in. I can't wait for a freezer full to last all year.

But first...some much celebrated green is starting to appear on the island. Look at this. I have never been so happy to see grass before. After such a long, hard winter this is a thrilling sight!
What we did catch were 2 scopin rockfish. You don't want to touch the fins of these creatures. They actually contain a toxin that is quite painful, so getting them off the hook can be quite a challenge.
The water is cold, but it's definitely fun to wade in and explore the shallows.
Ansley found some barnacles which were pretty cool.
And helped dad reel in another scopin LOL.
Now if it would only warm up. This morning we woke to blowing snow, ice, and 50 mph winds....a wonderful day to cook out at the clinic's memorial day open house :)