How to Spot A Witch....and other things we've been up to.

Today was one of those just wonderful, amazing, affirming days in homeschooling, where it all comes together and I know we can do this, and that what we are doing is working.
A wrote her first essay today. She picked up Roald Dahl's The Witches last week and was immediately hooked. I can not get her to put it down, and while she reads I constantly her gasps, eeks, and other sounds emitting from the room she is reading in. She said this is her favorite book she has ever read! I myself am thrilled that she no longer judges a book as to difficult for her based on the length. The last 2 books she has read have had over 200 pages each.

So for school this week I decided to ask her to incorporate what she was reading into her writing assignment. She decided to write about what fascinates her most in the book. The fact that the witches are among us and are difficult to spot unless you know what to look like. So she entitled it How to Spot a Witch....and set to work. Tuesday she worked on an outline, writing down points that she wanted to make, and Wednesday she started writing. Before she began we had a quick discussion of paragraphs where she surprised me with her knowledge of their structure, and then she got down to business. 3 paragraphs later, and some self editing, and 2 words which she asked for help spelling, gave us this.....

the finished product........

 And on to a little math- We have been doing much more, but this was just 2 things I snapped pictures of.

Solving for missing numbers

Learning the types of triangles...

I cut spaghetti noodles to different lengths and asked A to make as many different types of triangles as she could.
 She then measured them and decided what type of triangle they were.

So that's homeschooling here in a nut shell. We have been busy doing a ton of other things, but this is what I ended up with pics of. And I have to say, both A and I are so pleased with the way her paper turned out. She beamed!

This week so far she has also had our last homeschool art class till Fall and swim lessons with her swim buddy, she is looking forward to the last Daisy meeting of the year Friday and DH's b-day party on Sunday. 

Have a great night everyone.