The Perfect Day- Mother's day, smores, and WHALES!

Oh what a beautiful mother's day it was. A perfect day spent with my family and a perfect Unalaska spring day. In fact, one of the first spring feeling days we've had. Totally gave me hope that the tide has turned and I will see green again one day! LOL.

This morning DH and A took me to a delicious brunch, and then we came home and got ready to head out for a day in the tundra. We figured it was the perfect day for a little bonfire, so of course we had to head out to the coast and collect wood first. 

 And see the remnants of GIGANTIC avalanches. Take a look at this thing, and just think of how much it has melted already. AMAZING!

 Then we made our way out to Pyramid to play. A brought her bubbles and had quite a good time blowing them into snow piles and carrying them around. 

This one was a gift to me :)
 Then it was time for some good, old fashioned, marshmallow roasting....
 Yum! The first smore of the year!

 A beautiful sight!
 And a final slide on the snow before we left.
 We decided to drive around a bit after we left and discovered the whales are here! They were hanging in the bay all day! It was truly breathtaking. We sat watching them for close to an hour. They frolicked and played, dove, and sprayed, and it was the most incredible thing I have seen since moving here. The whales only come into the protected bays here during this brief time of year as they make their way from Hawaii back to the summer home in the Arctic Sea. Just incredible....

 Waving goodbye to us.
Finally made our way home to a dinner of steak and lobster prepared by my wonderful DH. 

It was the perfect day!


ms nancy said…
Thanks for sharing your perfect day. It made my dreary Monday so much better. So glad you are turning into a real Alaska girl. Ansley just glows with happiness! I sure do miss you two! But I
am so glad I can keep up with you via the internet! Happy Mother's Day because all moms know that every day is Mother's Day!
Amanda said…
It is so good to hear from you. Yep we are real Alaskan's now LOL! We miss you too. It was wonderful that we made such an amazing friend while we lived in Lock Haven. Ansley still talks about you several times a week. Happy Mother's Day to you too!