This week's homeschool plans

So I thought I would write out what I have planned this week for homeschool. As I mentioned before we are doing an adapted version of Ambleside's Year 1 Charlotte Mason curriculum for the summer. I am trying to be a bit more organized since next year she will be in school even if we weren't homeschooling.

Literature (most of these are read alouds by me unless I state otherwise)
Poem- Fog by Carl Sandburg
Aesop's Fables- The Town Mouse and Country Mouse
                           The Fox and the Grace
Just So Stories- How the Camel Got it's Hump
A reads-The Hundred Dresses- reading level 5.0
                    -character analysis
                    -hundred dress project
King, Knights, and Conquers- King Arthur and His Questing Knights

Continue through 3rd grade grammar curriculum

Counting by 3's and 3's times tables
           review finding perimeter and area
           multi-step word problems
           review telling time to the minute
           explore types of triangles
A Little History of the World
     -Chapter 5,6,7 Summarians-Ionian Tribe/Ancient Greece
     -Add to time line

Cells divide and grow
     -explore cell growth model with cube blocks

ar and or words
review previous trouble words


Our school day still currently ends around 12:00-12:30  and we break for lunch. After lunch we hang out, relax, maybe watch a movie. A plays outside or sets up scenes in the house and we try to practice violin at least several afternoons a week as well as bake, craft, paint, and once a week A has swim lessons at the pool with a highschool swim team student. So far, we are having a lot of fun. I will try to post some pics later this week of our week. Goodnight for now.