Dh turns 40

Dh turned 40 Monday. I think he had a pretty good birthday. I threw him a party with some of our friends on Sunday night. It was a lot of fun, plus I got some rare good pics of us all together.

 Here is a few pics of our night.
 The guys look deep in serious conversation....my guess.....hockey. LOL

 Dh and Jen...we will miss her. She and her fiancee are leaving to move back to NC in a few months.
 And her fiance. He's stylin in A's witches hat and one of our friends son's sippy cup. Oh yeah. He is cool. LOL
Dh took Monday and Tuesday off for his birthday and we had a a little mini vacation. We spent quite a lot of time outside enjoying the (somewhat) spring weather :) I'll post those pics soon. Happy Friday everyone!