We had a great day today other then the fact that I had a lingering headache that turned into a migraine by night. We spent most of the day hanging at the in the morning, a movie, lego play, and reading in the afternoon. Around 4ish this afternoon a friend called me and said she and her teenage daughter were down at the beach by their house and that the tide was really low and she thought we might want to come out and walk with them. It was perfect. The clouds had cleared somewhat (they moved back in after we left) and it had warmed up to the low 40's with no wind. Needless to say, it was perfect beach-combing weather. We found lots of awesome items washed up after the many storms of this winter. It's fun to imagine what these items once were and where they come from. I also picked up some great driftwood for painting on.

A's stash she brought home....minus the 15 pounds of rock that we carried between us. LOL
It was a great day.


MommyWise said…
Thank you so much for suggesting Aleks math. I actually am going through their College Algebra course and Aidan so far LOVES it. When I first tried it, I thought she'd think it boring but instead, she loves that she can learn a whole bunch of "new" things in one day. It has a lot of stuff I've never thought to teach her.
I love to see pictures of your beach!