I'm out of commission for the moment :(

Well I am out of commission for the time being. My asthma started acting up at my mom's due to all the pollen (one of the things I don't miss about spring in the south LOL) It seemed to get a little better towards the end, but I managed to pick up a cold or some type of bug on the plane I guess and have been feeling not the best since Monday. Last night was horrible. I was so congested that in between breathing treatments on my nebulizer for my asthma, I was hanging upside down off the bed trying to drain my sinuses. Needless to say, I got very little sleep. To top it off I woke up this morning with my right ear killing me. So a trip to the clinic was definitely in order. So on top of my asthma I have a bacterial infection and an ear infection. Ugg. I left with 5 prescriptions. Antibiotics, steroidal nose spray, prednisone (for the asthma) and 2 meds for my nebulizer. My heart rate was through the roof due to the continuous use of my nebulizer and my reaction to the typically used drug albuterol. I was in tachycardia with my resting heart rate over 150. Lots of fun.

So now that I am loaded up meds, I am praying that I can get some sleep tonight and be on the mend tomorrow. This being sick is really throwing a kink in my plans. I have been in major spring cleaning/sprucing up the house mode since I returned. It is still snowy and blowy here, but being in the beautiful green blooming spring, makes me want to bring a bit of it home for the next 2 and 1/2 months until we green up here. I haven't been able to start and it it is driving me nuts. And A wasn't to happy with me since my doc appointment messed with her school schedule. She was quite upset really. She really loves school and our routine, and we just got back into the swing of things Tuesday after 3+ weeks of vacation. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow and we can get back on schedule. Although, I have to say, it is nice to see how much she loves what we do in school here. Makes me feel good about our decision to homeschool.

Alright, I am off to rest and hopefully be able to breath and not feel like a 200 lb man is sitting on my chest.