A day at the zoo

Last Friday we headed to Texas to visit the Tyler Zoo. It was an absolutely perfect day. Clear skies, a light breeze, and temps in the high 70s. Nothing better!

Do the Flamingo!

Turkey Vulture

Scarlet Ibis

Ant Eaters

Rhino Time

More Flamingos



Beauty everywhere!

Majestic Creatures

Texas Longhorns!


Beautiful White Tigers

And A's favorite part....feeding the birds. Looks like these guys hatched a plan to dig out of there. Makes me think of the penguins on Madagascar. LOL



And finally....petting zoo time.

We had such a great time. Poor A was miserable though by the end of our stay. The pollen had done a number on her and her whole face was hived up. I dosed her with so much benadryl that she fell asleep on the way home (and if you know here, then you know what a rare occurrence that really is) Unfortunately she has maxed out on the allergy meds she can take, so if we were to ever move back to the south, I know a visit to an allergist would be in our future. Luckily for her, where we live now she does not suffer so. I did find that benadryl cream on her face helped the hives to go down and she is almost back to normal now.
This is our last week on vacation and it has gone by so much fast. I almost hate to leave the beauty of spring and head back knowing that it will be several more months before we see green on our island, but I am missing DH and my home and routine.
Well I am off for now. Going to play robot dominoes with A. Have a great week everyone.