Feeding My Soul

Little touches of spring. Today the sun shone for a few minutes before low clouds moved in an obscured the view, but those brief moments of warmth, standing in the sun and soaking it in, feeds my soul. The snow is melting more each day. As I type, Ansley is outside with her toy animals playing in the soft damp earth. The dirt underneath her fingernails makes us both happy and reminds us that winter is truly over. 

Life is good. I am blessed by a child that lights up every moment of my day, a husband that works hard to provide for us and loves us both dearly, who makes me laugh and makes me smile, and goes along with my whims...most of the time LOL. My house is finally clean....that is a miracle in an of itself, considering that while I was out of town for 3 weeks and then sick for a week after, it got away from me. Clean and filled with touches of spring to make me smile as I go about my day.

My favorite Aunt left this teapot at my mom's house for me to take home. It is so charming and makes me smile.
And then my mom bought me this little colorful teapot that now resides on my stove.
A few cute towels now bring an extra splash of color to my stove.
A touch of paint turned these formerly black candlesticks to a spring treasure. (Notice the snow still outside and the vast expanse of frozen lake and you will see why my soul craves the colors of spring. It has been a long winter)
 Happiness in a frame 
And I replaced my winter grass center piece with my spring bouquet, my spring table runner from last year, a cute wooden bird I picked up off the island, and our new cloth napkins. 
Today my soul is feed.


Anonymous said…
I love all your spring touches. The dish towels are beautiful.
Amanda said…
Thank you Elisabeth. It really helps when all I see outside is still shades of white and gray.