Bodies Revealed

Last week we had the wonderful opportunity to go to Sci-port science center and see their "Bodies Reveled" exhibit. Well, if you know A at all, then you know that this was right up her alley! The models were amazingly realistic, with some things actually not being reproductions at all, but actual human tissue samples. We saw brain slices, livers, kidneys, etc. It was amazing. We got an up close look at the the workings of our body, from the skeletal system, muscular system, our organs, and even the reproductive system. I think the part that amazed A the most was the fetal development portion, showing the stages of development as well as the size of the heart and lungs of a young fetus. This was fascinating for her. I wish I could have snapped more pics but photography was frowned upon, although I did snap these 2 with my I-phone. Not the best quality, but they will be something for A to put in her scrap book when we return home.
After making our way through that exhibit we headed upstairs to one of the full time, hands on exhibits. Of course A was immediately drawn to all things human body related and explored how lungs work, muscles move, and our heart pumps.
And then..... The best things ever for a future orthopedic artificial knee! For a child who has wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon since she was 2, and who just last week told me that she wants to study prosthetics after we are done with cellsm and learn everything about the field, well....this was heaven.

When I finally was able to drag her away from the prosthetica, she found her way to the boneyard and spent some time identifying different bones.

She finished off her human body exploration by checking out a brain scan.
She said it was the perfect day.

We explored a lot more of the museum as wellm and took in an I-max film about tornado research. I was thoroughly tired by the end of it all, but it was worth it to see the smile on her face.