Termination snow and migraines

We woke up Tuesday morning to Snow! Termination snow to be exact. Snow on the mountains, and a dusting on the ground. The end of nice weather, the start of winter here in the Aleutians. A was so excited.I also woke up to a horrible migraine. I took my medicine in hopes that it would disappear and I could drive A up into the pass after swim lessons to play in the snow.

She read her book while I rested, trying to let the medicine do it's job.
Unfortunately, even taking another pill, and then 2 over the counter meds, did nothing to even take the edge off. So A had to make do with playing with the little bit left outside our house.

I waited for DH to be pretty much finished for the day and then headed to the clinic for a shot to knock my migraine out. It did, but it knocked me out for the count as well. I slept basically from 5pm-9:30am and could have slept all day today. I am feeling better thankfully, and tomorrow A has her last swim lesson of the semester. She has enjoyed it so much.

I have a lot of pics of what we have been doing lately to post, but right now I am off to bed. Night all.