A magical day

We had a magical day last week. We spent the whole afternoon playing outside. Good thing, because today it sleeted off and on all day, and the tops of the mountains have more and more snow on them, the snow line moving slowly down each day.

While it may look like snow, these magic beauties are actually fireweed seeds flying to new horizons.

A slight rainbow, even on a clear day, the mist and scattered showers bring beautiful sights.
We finally dug out our potatoes. We decided to see what would grow and basically just threw some supermarket potatoes that had sprouted in the dark pantry and forgot about them. We didn't get many, but found potatoes definitely grow here, so next year we will be purchasing some seed potatoes to plant. A had a ton of fun hunting for them and digging them up.
All our potatoes, fresh out of the ground. Not many, but it was fun.
The fall colors are beautiful right now, but it will soon be brown. A is anxiously awaiting the first snow of the season.
And to end it all, the beautiful view from my window. I love this place.