Happy Halloween from the Jackal headed god Anubis :)

Happy late Halloween everyone! We had a lot of fun celebrating here. A went as the Jackal Headed God Anubis of course (LOL), The Egyptian God of embalming. That was fun listening to her explain to everyone who asked. Her costume turned out great. She was so happy, and I was very impressed with the jackal head I made and how well her canopic jar we made turned out. We even had the lid come off so she could store candy in it.We trick-or-treated at DH's office and then headed to the PCR for their Halloween carnival. The whole town was there and the kids had lots of fun. A was quiet, as she typically is in large groups and loud areas, but she did enjoy herself.
There was a costume contest and she one second place in her age group.
The girl that one was dressed like the bride of Frankenstein.
She played games and decorated cookies.
After, we went trick-or-treating to a few people we knew. A wanted to do the whole "real trick-or-treating" thing, but we decided to only let her head to our friends' houses. She still had a lot of fun.
The night before, we carved our jack-o-lantern after A drew the face on it.

Happy Halloween everyone!


Tara said…
That is the coolest Halloween costume! I think she should have won first place--way more original than the Bride of Frankenstein.
Amanda said…
Thanks Tara! Ansley loved it. It was exactly what she wanted which made me happy :)