Coordinate pairs

We have been working on coordinate pairs in math this past week and have had a lot of fun. I found both of these ideas here. I love this website. They have so many wonderful ideas.

This game was lots of fun and we got to eat the candy afterwards. We took turn rolling the dice (one regular, and one I wrote A-F on) and reading the coordinate pair. Then we took off what ever candy was in that coordinate. Candy corn was worth 1 point each, while the 6 pumpkins on the board were worth 5 points each. We played 2 different ways... until one row or column was clear, and the second time for a set number of minutes, then we added up our scores. Lots of fun.

I gave A a blank grid and a set of instructions and she followed them to create a picture. Each coordinate pair was listed with a code of how to color it.

The finished creation, a smiling Jack-o-lantern :)
Happy graphing :)


MommyWise said…
Hi! Yes, I haven't blogged in a while. My sister died 3 months ago and I've been taking care of her 4 kids and my 2. Any and all schooling has stopped... and may stop until January. I have plans to continue with it but I really don't know if I'll find the time. I hope so. I went through your blog tonight... I love seeing what Ansley is up to.
Amanda said…
I am so sorry for your loss. That has to be so difficult. I know you must miss her, and what an adjustment for all the kids. I pray that life finds a rhythm for you all. Hugs to you all.