Last Thursday we celebrated Michalmas. A loves festivals and holidays so when she asked if we could celebrate more holidays I went searching for wonderful holidays we could celebrate together. I picked up the book "All Year Round- A Calender of Celebrations" to help us settle into a rhythm for our year. A really enjoyed Michalmas, even though we didn't do a lot to celebrate it.

Michalmas is the celebration of the Feast of St. Micheal and All Angels. It commemorates the Archangel Micheal and his angles fight against the great Dragon/Satan, who was cast out of heaven into the earth.

The earthly representation of this story is St George and the dragon. We read several versions of the story and A really enjoyed the princess Sabra sacrificing herself so the other children could live and the knight George coming to rescue her and fight the dragon.

She re-tales this story quite a lot now, and drew a pretty amazing picture of the entire story. I need to take a pic and post it. But for now, I will just post pics of the dragon bread A and I baked. The design is hers, and hers alone. We had a lot of fun.

Happy late Michalmas!