Rainbows and Crabs

Wow, its only Monday, well here at least, it's 11:33pm...for the rest of you not in Alaska you should be sound asleep. :) It was a busy day for all of us here. Dh has a new boss as of today, so he had an extra long day. Going in early to prepare for her arrival, he couldn't come home today for lunch since they had a welcome lunch for her, and then when he finally did get home, he was home for about 5 minutes before he received a call and had to go take care of more business. I saw him for maybe an hour tonight before he headed to bed. Days like this are hard, but I am so proud of him for working so hard for us.

Today was pretty rainy all day, but the most amazing sight appeared about 3:30 this afternoon, and lasted for over and hour and a half.
I have never seen a rainbow last so long. It was gorgeous.
When DH finally did get home, we were all ready to put A to bed, when a friend called and said her husband was dropping off some crab for us. They were fresh...very fresh...in fact they were crawling around on our floor fresh LOL. :) A has seen dad break them over his knee to kill them and then steam them many times, but tonight she was tired, emotional (she has been missing our dogs and her pets that we left behind when we moved here so badly recently), and she just wanted to play with them, and even asked to keep them as pets.

But, alas, "crabs are NOT pets" I had to say. And we had to finish these guys off and now they are sitting in my freezer ready to eat. YUM!

Tomorrow A has her first swim lesson after lunch. She can not wait. Hopefully I can get some pics to share. We shall see. Goodnight everyone. I am headed to bed.


Tara said…
I just happened upon your blog via another one and it is awesome! I love reading about the lives of other SAHMs around Alaska. Your little girl sounds amazing--I am inspired by all the fun educational stuff you are doing with her. Unalaska looks beautiful.
Amanda said…
Tara- Thanks. It is beautiful here! I love it. Been here a little over a year. Are you in Alaska?
Tara said…
Yeah. I live a little further north, up in Nome:) I was laughing to myself when I read your blog description how you vowed to never leave the South. I grew up in Alaska, but the southeast part, and vowed to never live anywhere where the temperature got below zero. So much for that.
jmommymom said…
I had no idea crabs were so big. Your pictures are great. I just started a new blog hop called "I Saw it on Vacation". Hopefully it will be come a fun geography resource for homeschoolers. It would be great if you would like to link-up this post and other that include geography related information. If you are interested here is the link.
jmommymom said…
Thanks for linking-up.
I'm amazed your daughter wanted to keep the crabs as pets. Whe I showed a tiny one to mine they were scared of those sharp claws!