A Great Homeschool Resource

I want to share this great resource that we utilize all the time here in our homeschool. Many of you have probably know of it, but if not, I thought it was definitely worth a mention.

I love the History Channel, Discovery Channel, A&E, etc as resources for learning. But we don't watch a lot of TV and I would miss a lot of really great educational programs without this. I receive email alerts, lesson plans and study guides, and a seasonal magazine from the History channel featuring special programs that they and their affiliate channels will be airing. I then go set my DVR.

All of this is through the History Channel Classroom. I love this resource. I signed up as a teacher, with our school name, BrightStar Academy a little over a year ago and have even received a free 4 part DVD of covering American history, from the first explorers to present day in the past. DH loves that DVD more than A LOL.

Go check it out if you don't already use this incredible resource.

And no, I get nothing for plugging them. I was recording "History of the World in 2 Hours" tonight, and A was watching it before bed and was enthralled again, and I wanted to share. Many of the programs are geared toward middle school and high school aged students, but A LOVES everyone of them.


Joyful Learner said…
Thanks for recommending! Do you need cable for these channels? We only have Netflix.

After reading your previous post, I realized I need to challenge K more in math. Since she's better with concepts, I figured I should spend all our time focusing on the basic skills which she needs to develop fluency. But I'm realizing that she needs her higher order thinking skills activated in order to learn even the basic skills. Teaching her sequentially is not working. But when I give her a complex task, she is much more engaged and willing to do the work. Do you know any other strategies to help a visual-spatial learner that might help? I'm thinking I may need to learn the abacus to help with visualization.
Amanda said…
I think they are all cable channels. We don't have many options here, but we do luckily get those few.

Ansley is way more engaged and willing when we do upper level tasks. We do use the abacus, and also the math balance. That is very visual. I got it from rightstart. You can visually see the equations balance. That really helps. We do a lot of movement things as well because Ansley is very kinesthetic. Hope that helps.