A homemade compass

Today we finally got a chance to do the Extra Credit project from Oak Meadow that was assigned last week.
A and I made a compass!
It was actually pretty cool.

She started by magnetizing the needle by rubbing it in one direction against a magnet for several minutes.

 We then stuck the large in of the needle into a piece of wine cork and placed it in a pan of water.

Our home made compass slowly turned and then stopped when the needle was pointing North.

I asked her to draw her compass...

...but she went even further and wrote about how people navigated before compasses.
Definitely a lot of fun! So far we are loving Oak Meadow!


Megan said…
is that in the history book you bought? or is it science?
Amanda said…
It's the history/english book. Still waiting for the science book to get here to the island. It's been sitting in Anchorage for 2 weeks. Gaah!
that is so neat, and really interesting,