Jamestown Diorama

We've been studying Jamestown this week in our Oak Meadow 5th grade English/History.
One of the choices for this weeks projects was to make a diorama of Jamestown. Of course this is what A chose, and she got down to business on it this afternoon.

 I think she did a great job! 
It took her hours, and I love her attention to detail (notice the fire in the common area, and she even made smaller ones for inside the houses.), but the best part was how proud she was of it. She couldn't wait for dad to get home from work so she could show him all of it.

 She also finished reading "A Lion to Guard Us" this morning. I actually had to wait on lunch because she was so eager to finish it that she didn't want to stop and come to the table. 
I know it's a great book when after every period of reading it, she comes running into the room to tell me everything that is happening.
She loved that included people she had already learned about in her OM History like John Rolfe. 
It was listed as other reading resources at the end of her chapter and I am really glad she chose it.
Definitely a fun day for both of us.