Where's our winter?!

While the rest of the country has been forging their way through freezing temperatures, bitter cold, snow, and ice, this is what Unalaska has looked like.
Our highs have been hovering near 40 degrees.
So rest of the country, can you please give us back our winter? A and I really miss playing in the snow!


Mellyanne said…
That is so crazy! But I think we have your winter out here in Michigan. :) It's been below zero, with a blizzard. But it's supposed to reach above freezing tonight and rain, so maybe it's coming back to you now? :)
Tara said…
So crazy. I can't complain about the mild winter all over Alaska this year (we lucked out with a little more snow than you guys) but mild temps...while the rest of the states get our regular winter? Strange. Looks beautiful there though!
Jessica in Wisconsin said…
Those pictures are breathtaking! I am enjoying the snow we are getting today as it means that evening meetings for my husband are cancelled! I hope you get your snow soon! :)