A New Year Day Walk

New Years Day was absolutly beautiful her. It quickly turned stormy, winds blowing sustained over 50mph, later in the evening, but luckily we all got out and enjoyed Nana's last full day with us.

We drove out past Summers Bay and took lots of pictures along the way.
 It was absolutely breathtaking as usual. We were hoping we would find the wild horses near the road, but had no such luck :( It was still a great drive though.

It was the perfect day for a quick nature walk as well before the clouds fully rolled in.
 Frozen puddles are awesome for exploring. Unfortunately after cracking the ice, A found an earthworm who "didn't make it underground in time." Frozen to death, she gave him a proper tundra burial.
 The patterns in the ice were magical.
 Crossing a rickety old bridge was scary, but with dad's strong hands it became alright.

 It's been so unusually warm here, but on the last day, Nana got her snow, well a dusting at least.
 There's nothing like a little tundra ice skating in the afternoon. 

 A flying leap and a run to Nana

 Giggles and smiles warm my heart
Racing dad to the car helps get some energy out before heading home.

 A willow bush might be small, but we will count it as a tree to climb on this island.
 Goodbye Mr Eagle. We are headed home to beat the storm and say good bye to Nana on this last night.
Happy New Year Everyone!