Another gorgeous day!

Today was another gorgeous day! Probably one of the most amazing days we have had in a long while. The sun stayed out all day, glistening off the snow, with not even a hint of wind. 
It was heard to stay in on a day like this.
 Which is why we spent a good bit of the day playing outside.
 A had to clear out her snow fort she built earlier in the week. The new snow, plus the winds we had, buried it completely.

 Crazy dog absolutely loves the snow and acted like a complete nut the entire tie she was out. LOL

 In between stints of digging out her snow fort, A through snow at Bella (who thinks it is the best game ever!)
 It was just the perfect day for taking pictures....
 ....making snow angels....
 ....and sliding down massive drifts in front of the house!

 Fresh fox prints were everywhere.
A followed one set around the side of the mountain.

 Then sat down and made "cheese curls". You know, the little pieces of snow that roll down the side of the mountain. Totally look like cheese puffs to us. LOL

 Random buoys in the tundra make the perfect spot to rest...
...and take in the view. 

 Another drift in front of the house, this time trying to climb straight up was a lot of fun.
 And it looked like our house had grown witches fingernails. Pretty cool.
Hope y'all had a wonderful day too!


A is growing up so fast. Love the last photo, that indeed is a neat thing.

Gill in Canada