The organization of life- cells, tissues, organs...

Last week A finished up her study of cells and tissues. We learned that tissues are made of groups of similar cells working together, organs are made of different kinds of tissues working together, organ systems are different organs working together, and all of this leads to an organism. Pretty cool.
She created this foldable to show what she knows.

 Lift up each flap to see an example and a definition. For cell she wrote- "Basic unit of life. There are blood cells, nerve cells, brain cells, and lots others." Her example was a blood cell.
She worked hard on this and I was impressed with what she had retained from our study. 
Great job don't you think?
We are loving all the hands on projects we are doing this year.
On another note, today was the first snow on the tops of the distant mountains. Termination dust as we call it here in Alaska. Winter is upon us.