Rainbows, termination dust, and city planning

It's been typical fall weather for our little island the last few days. Lots of rain, some wind, and plenty of rainbows. I snapped this beautiful pic from my kitchen window Thursday evening.
That night I had noticed just a slight dusting of snow on this distant mountains, but Friday there was even more.
Yep, termination dust....winter is coming!
Friday A and I had a busy day. We started our day by watching CNN Student News. a loves this short 10 minutes news program to start her day and it always gets us talking on some interesting topic. Then we headed into the school room and got a little work done (some grammar, daily science, and her chapter 6 math quiz). After that, it was on to the library to spend the rest of the morning picking out books and reading. 
After lunch we hung out and then headed to the library where a friend of mine who works in the city planning department was putting on a program for the PCR after-school kids. For 3 Fridays this month, she will be teaching the kids about community, city planning, and helping them build their own community.
A had a lot of fun as they started making the paper towns and buildings for their community.

A also got to hang out with one of her good friends who got to come home with us afterwards.
We finished up the day with Girl Scout gym night and a dinner of pizza.
A wonderful day!