A little math fun- The Number Devil

We've had this book sitting on our bookshelf for a while now. A picked it up the other day and we are both loving it. 
It's about a young boy who hates math. In his dreams he meets the number devil who shows him the amazing and wonderfully thought provoking world of fun that mathematics truly is.
We have only made our way through night one and two so far, but are looking forward to discovering new ideas in the coming weeks.
 A of course could not just listen, but had to explore the concepts herself. I had to smile as she jumped off the couch and ran to get a white board. 
We learned about roman numerals, the importance of zero, multiplication and place value, and exponents.

A explored our birth years...
... and 10 to the power of 1-10. She was excited to see how large her numbers went...
 I loved watching her discover palindromes while multiplying with ones. 
and so on.
How fun!

The we played some dominoes and worked on multiplying doubles.
Who knew math could be so much fun? 
This homeschool thing rocks!


basebell6 said…
I love that book! We had to read it in college!
Karin said…
Penrose the Mathematical Cat books are also a hit here!